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Getting Started with Bot Core

⛔ | Prerequisites

Discord Music Bot is not compatible with Lavalink v4

v4 introduce a breaking changes that affects all library that are using v3 API. You must update your bot library to support v4! See regarding Lavalink v4 compatibility.

Lavalink is needed for the bot to function!

Lavalink is needed for music functionality. You need to have a working Lavalink server to make the bot work.

What is Lavalink?

Lavalink is a standalone program, written in Java. Lavalink allows for sending audio without it ever reaching any of your shards. It is a great alternative to youtube-dl. Unlike raw voice solutions, such as VoiceNext, Lavalink can handle hundreds of concurrent streams, and supports sharding.

📝 | Important Note if you're Switching from v4 to v5

  1. Download and configure v5 in a seperate folder.
  2. Kick your bot out of your server.
  3. Reinvite the Bot with the right scopes. Example Invite URL (Change CLIENT_ID)
  4. Run npm run deploy or yarn deploy to initialize the slash commands. You can do this on your pc locally

🏃‍♂ | Installing and running the bot from scratch

First of all you'll need to create a new bot application for your discord bot client:

  • Go to Discord Developer Portal
  • Click on the button "New Application" and give it a name
    • On the main page you can mess around and give your bot a description, tags and a Profile picture
  • Click on "Bot" in the panel on the left and "Add Bot" to create a new Discord Bot Client
    • Here you can enable some really neat API features for your bot, the one's you'll be needing are: "Server Member Intent" and "Message Content Intent" (Also disable "Public Bot" if you want)
  • Now go to the "OAuth2" section and press on the "URL Generator" Tab
    • Select the "bot" and "applications.commands" scopes (A new table should open upon clicking on the "bot" scope)
    • In the "Bot Permissions" table you can select what permissions your bot will ask to have upon entering a new server, as you're setting it up it might be useful to give it "Administrator"
  • Now a link will have generated at the bottom which you can copy and paste in your browser search bar, this will allow you to invite the first instance of the bot in your server (It should look something like{clientId}&permissions={permissions}&scope=bot%20applications.commands Obviously replace the {variables} with the correct values if you intend to write it out yourself)

Now that everything is set up on the discord side of things:

  • You will need to fill in all the blanks in the config.js with the appropriate contents of your discord bot application or make a .env file and fill in the contents in this manner (lines marked with * are optional):
    DEVUID=yourDiscordUID *
    DATABASE_URL="dbArch://user:pass@host:port/db" * # If you want DB functionality
  • To actually set up the bot and get it running you need to install all required dependencies and post slash commands to the discord bot application:
    npm run update
    npm run deploy # this should be a one time thing
  • To run the bot:
    npm run start
    # or
    npm run db-start # if you have your own DB setup