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Discord Music Bot version 5

Discord Music Bot is not compatible with Lavalink v4

v4 introduce a breaking changes that affects all library that are using v3 API. You must update your bot library to support v4! See regarding Lavalink v4 compatibility.

🚧 | Prerequisites

📝 | Tutorial

Written Setup

  • Follow the installation procedure for the bot
    • Do keep in mind that this is the ONLY part of the tutorial that you need to follow from the original repo, which is the core of the bot

For everything else:

  • Make sure you have Docker (and GNU Make) installed on your machine
  • If you are planning on running the bot through docker on windows, then you'll have to use WSL and set up the appropriate docker configurations for that (click here)
  • Open a terminal session in in the root directory of the project
  • Run make help to see the list of available commands
  • If you don't have or can't install makefile utilities then run ./ help
  • If you're having trouble running the script due to lack of permissions be sure to chmod +x

Docker setup

  • Run make up to start the docker environment with all services active
  • Use make up help for a list of available sub commands
  • Run make log to see the logs of all services at once
  • You can exit them at any time without closing the process by pressing Ctrl + C
  • If you don't want a particular service to start up on make up you can simply add a no flag to the command. For example:
  • make up nodb will start the docker environment without the DB.
  • make up noll will start the docker environment without the lavalink server.
  • make up nofe will start the docker environment without the frontend.

    Note: you can use any combination of the flags above to start the docker environment with only the services you want.

Lite version

The bot also supports a lite version to run the bot without docker. This is useful for development and testing purposes as well as potato machines. - Run make lite help for a list of available sub commands Contrary to the make up command, the make lite command will only start the bot, without any additional services. - To add additional services you can use the make lite with the following flags: - make lite db to start the DB - make lite ll to start the lavalink server - make lite fe to start the frontend

Local setup

  • Run make up no-docker to start the bot locally (on your maching, without virtualization and thus extended services)

  • Run make up help to see the list of available commands and options

  • Remember to remove the DB related environment variables from the ./djs-bot/.env file if you are not using the DB at all.

📝 | Support Server

If you have major coding issues with this bot, please join and ask for help.

📸 | Screenshots


🚀 | Deploy

  • No deployment options have been configured yet

✨ | Contributors

Contributions are always welcomed :D Make sure to follow

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